Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I join AA ?

There is no formal registration. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Just go to a meeting. More information is available on p-24 pamphletA Newcomer Asks

  1. How much does AA cost?

There are no costs, dues or fees. However, we are self-supporting through our own contributions, declining outside contributions. A basket is passed to pay for expenses and to contribute to Central Office and other entities. Newcomers are asked not to give.

  1. Does AA keep a record of attendance ?

No. No records are kept with names of attendees. If you do need a paper signed for any reason, most Groups and Meetings will collect those and someone will sign. You need to bring your own paperwork.

  1. May I speak to someone before attending a Meeting?

 We will make every effort to have a recovering alcoholic call you, if necessary. Call Middle Tennessee Central Office at 615-831-1050. However, it is not necessary to speak to anyone before attending a meeting.

  1. How many meetings are available?

There are 900 plus meetings a week in Middle Tennessee. They are at various places at various times. The Middle Tennessee Tennessee Central Office has information on meetings between Kentucky and Alabama and Crossville and Paris. The MEETING GUIDE APP is available on most phones for schedule.

  1. How can I find meetings outside Middle Tennessee?

       There are many Regional Central Offices outside our area, and we have contact information on all regions. The MEETING GUIDE APP may also be used for information in other areas

  1. When is Central Office open?

       The office is open 9-1 Monday – Saturday currently*. You may purchase books, pamphlets, and medallions at the office. Shipping is also available.

 *Under normal circumstances, Office is open 9-5 Monday – Friday and 9-1 on Saturday. Office hours are currently reduced due to Covid19 concerns. We are available by phone 615-831-1050 after 1:00 pm Monday through Friday for questions and literature needs.